Frequently Asked Questions

What is PDX Hackerspace?

PDX Hackerspace is a non-profit organization promoting and encouraging technical, scientific and artistic skills through individual projects, social collaboration and education. We are located at 7608 N Interstate Avenue in Portland, Oregon and serve as a local community hub as well as a thriving online community with roots extending around the world. Our motto: "Be excellent to each other".

Where are you located?

PDX Hackerspace is conveniently located next to the North Lombard Transit Center MAX Station, at 7608 N Interstate Ave., in Portland, Oregon, USA. Here's a map! Here's another map!

Do I need to be a member?

No membership required! All events listed on our calendar, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are open to everyone. In fact, if you have a limited schedule and can't make one of these events, or if you are in town visiting from another Hackerspace, use this form and we'll do our best to have one of our members give you a tour that works with your schedule, and in the latter case, maybe even get you a guest pass while you're in town visiting!

How do I support PDX Hackerspace?

You can check out this Ways to Give link. Thank you so much for your support!

Can you give me a quote on my project?

Sure! Our members sometimes complete contract work from the local community. If you'd like a quote for the project you're working on, please use our questions and comments form and provide as much detail as possible. We'll try our best to quickly get you a quote and match you with one of our qualified members so you can meet your deadline.

How do I become a member? What do I get with membership?

PDX Hackerspace membership costs $40 per month. There is an application process. Unless you have a referral from an existing member, part of the application process is showing up in person, getting a tour, then submitting an application. Applications are approved on a weekly basis, but there is sometimes a queue of several weeks. Once approved and given member orientation, which takes about 30 minutes, as a member you'll have 24/7 access to the Hackerspace. You'll also have access to our shared equipment and tools, provided you've been signed off on them. The sign off / training process happens most Friday evenings and is by request. If you have any questions about membership that were not covered here, use this form and let us know.

Are there additional costs beyond the membership dues?

Yes, some of the equipment, materials, classes and workshops have an additional cost. These fees are determined by administrators, equipment hosts and instructors. We try to keep costs low for our members and cover as much as we can from membership dues.

Do you have internships?

We don’t offer internships, however, there are many learning and volunteering opportunities at the Hackerspace. The best way to get involved is to get to know other Hackerspace members and volunteers and ask what their needs are or ask how you can help. Whatever your area of interest, chances are there’s a way for you to contribute to the Hackerspace and learn from it.

Can you help me start a Hackerspace?

Yes! As an organization we’ve learned, through trial and error, about how to run a Hackerspace. We've learned what works and what doesn't when using the Hackerspace Design Patterns and are happy to share our hard won knowledge with you. If you’d like to start a conversation and learn about how we function as an organization there are many folks that would be happy to do so. Please use our questions and comments form to get in touch and we'll do our best to get you the information you need to get going!