Covid-19 Support Efforts

We are all in this together

Who We Are

PDX Hackerspace is an educational non-profit organization with nearly 250 engineers, designers, and fabricators, with a very well equipped facility that is now tooled up and ready to produce PPE on demand free of charge to organizations working to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition we have skills and capabilities to solve unique problems in short timeframes.

If you have specific needs that we may be able to help with, please Request PPE Here or email

Our Capabilities

At our facility in North Portland, near the intersection of Interstate and Lombard, we have design, implementation and fabrication capability in 5 domains:


Our electronics lab offers full life-cycle capabilities: from designing, prototyping and manufacturing - to testing, troubleshooting & renewing.

Software and Internet

Our Hackerspace foster a unique community of very deep expertise in information security, software data science, internet infrastructure, and artificial intelligence. Our members represent some of the areas most prominent employers including Intel, Amazon, IBM, state and local governments, as well as non-profits and independent contractors.


Our capability in plastics is driven by 3 laser cutting machines, over a dozen 3d printers, a vacuum former, a vacuum oven, 2 soft material CNC routers/drag cutters. As well as members with extensive knowledge of 2D & 3D design, rapid prototype modeling and fabrication.


Our well equipped wood working shop allows for the fabrication and repair of nearly anything that will fit through a standard sized entry door.

Fabric and Soft Materials

Our craft lab is currently equipped with 10 sewing machines, a vinyl cutter, silk screens, a heat press, a heat sealer as well as A/V production equipment and book binding.

Creative problem solving

PDX Hackerspace attracts the most creative members of the engineering, fabrication and technical communities from across northwest Oregon. The space has developed a deep understanding of what different technologies can practically produce. We are uniquely positioned to answer question like “Can This PPE be 3D printed, and at what volume”, “what is a viable substitute 3M N95 filter material, and can we cut it into a shape that fits our respirators”, “What are the security risks to this method of data collection” “Can we provide real time visualization of X set of data”. In short we can answer questions about how technology can help.

Our PPE Catalog

We are producing several types of personal protective equipment. Please see our PPE Catalog linked here. If you don't find what you're looking for in our catalog, we are also capable of producing PPE on request. For custom requests, please fill out the form here.

Our Own Initiative

We are offering our services free of charge to organizations with needs associated with fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in the Portland Metropolitan area and beyond.

On our own initiative we have begun production of various PPE items. For example we are currently producing plastic face shields suitable for use by emergency responders and medical professionals. We have also produced valves and respirator parts as requests come in from individuals in the healthcare profession.

Join us

PDX Hackerspace is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit (FEIN: 83-1684562) and has been in operation since 2014. We hope our current resources are enough to last for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, but our resources are not infinite. In an effort to increase our capacity and longevity, we accept donations in the form of volunteers, materials and funds. We also encourage anyone interested learning and experimenting to inquire about becoming a member and are open to taking work for hire, provided it's in the scope of our current efforts.
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