Our Spaces

A brief list of our spaces and the useful equipment therein

Electronics Lab

Soldering benches, variable power supplies, reflow ovens, oscilloscopes, prototyping components and peripherals.

Craft Lab

We have an assortment of art and textile tools, including embroidery, sewing, leatherworking and vinyl cutting.

^H - The Back Space

PDX Hackerspace includes a 5000 square foot (460 square meter) "backspace", a.k.a. ^H. Initially used for parking during open houses, events and work parties, this back space is big enough for several seating areas, barbeques, grills, outdoor events, raised beds, bike parking, a tiny orchard with shaded seating, and various other large projects, weather permitting.

Hosted Events

As a service to the Portland tech community, we sometimes host large events for interest groups and meetups in town. If you help to organize for one of these events and would like to host your next event at our Hackerspace, please get in touch! We'd be happy to schedule something for you.

Main Space

We have ~1200 square feet (110 square meters) of general purpose area for both large events and individual use including a lounge with board games, configurable workspaces, power, internet, projectors, a hackable vending machine and a DIY arcade machine thrown in just for fun!


This section is stocked with Woodworking tools, a 60w CO2 laser and enough scrap material for prototyping most small to mid sized projects. It's great for your rapid prototyping, woodworking, construction, and fabrication projects.

^H Computer Museum

While not always on display, we have a nice collection of Commodores, Apple, IBM and other 386 era (and older!) computers.

3D Printing et al.

We have *lots* of FDM 3D printers and other rapid prototyping equipment, a bit too numerous to list. If you have a specific question about equipment we might have, please let us know!